Double Beams

Double Beams manufactured by JAKSteel

When your structural engineer states a pair of beams or pfc bolted together, we will cut the desired length, drill at centres required and provide studding to create the cavity needed. If needed spacer tubes can be supplied also.

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Placing your order
1. Select a section

Simply select the type of Double Beam that you desire from the dropdown box on the MrBeam website.

2. Input a length(s)

Enter the length that you require. If you need different lengths you will need to add each length to basket.

3. Confirm spacers

Ensure you are happy with the distance and number of spacers.

4. Choose total width

Select the suitable total width options from those provided.

5. Select bolt diameter

Select the bolt diameter from the options given to you.

6. Prime Steelwork

Steelwork can be primed to prevent rust and to prolong the lifespan by clicking the Yes option during the configuration.

7. Enter a quantity

Finally enter the number of Double Beams that you require, then simply click the Add to Basket button to save the configuration.